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We are competing against 2 big Portland stores for “Best New Cannabis Store In Oregon”. We can’t begin to express how awesome it is to be open for less than 3 months, and receive the amount of support we have gotten from our customers, who got us nominated for this award show put together by Dope Magazine.

A little about our history.
Frequent Vibrationz is Eugene’s first 100% Recreational cannabis shop. My business partner and I were budtenders in Spokane, Washington working for a very successful retail shop there, where we saw them grow tremendously yet pay their employees just over minimum wage, and their managers $1 extra. Being young entrepreneurs (24 and 28), we saw the potential to provide an even better experience for consumers in the cannabis industry and even more important, we saw an opportunity to create jobs that our employees can be proud of, love, and supports their financial situation outside of work, so they can enjoy their time away from work and bring their best potential every day. We scraped together the little money we had, with a small amount of help from our parents as well, and Frequent Vibrationz was born in Eugene.

Since opening on November 11th, 2016 we have grown from what we could afford, so just 1 strain, on opening day to over 28 strains currently on the shelf and a variety of Edibles, Shatters, Cartridges, and Tinctures. In January, we got featured in Stoner Magazine under their Dispensary Spotlight, followed by a feature in Marijuana Venture Magazine in their January-Febuary issue. Most recently we were nominated by our great customers for Dope Magazines, “Dope Industry Awards” where we will head to Portland on Febuary 26th, to see who will take home the “Best New Cannabis Store In Oregon” award. We are competing with 2 big Portland stores, who started with multiple locations, so the competition is tough. We are confident with how great our customers are and are hoping from help from the local community as well, to help us bring home this award for the Eugene Cannabis Community! We want everyone to know that the best producers, the best processors, and the best retail shops come from Eugene!

Also vote for Willamette Valley Alchemy for “Best Concentrate Company” to show your Eugene support!
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**Now Offering Deliver** (First In Eugene)

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