Our Glass Jar Philosophy

We believe in bringing the highest quality, freshest product to the market. That is why the flower we carry comes packaged in glass jars. Our hand picked buds stay as fresh as they were when packaged, sealing in those precious terpenes and preventing THC degradation from oxygen exposure. Every time those big glass jars get opened to weigh out product, those flowers dry up slightly, losing terpenes and decreasing the quality with every burp, not to mention digging through and breaking up buds.

We also believe in creating as small of a footprint as we can, especially in our industry. Landfills are ridden with plastic pop-top containers and packaging from the cannabis industry, and our glass jars are one step in the right direction towards ending this huge plastic waste issue. We gladly pay the extra cost for glass to help reduce waste in this industry. At Frequent Vibrationz we have a recycle program, where after you bring 10 jars back, you receive 10% off! We then send those jars out to a local non-profit to be cleaned with OLCC approved methods, then sold back for a donation to be re-used! 100% of donations go to “Project Unity” and “Mecca”. No more waste, and you not only save on fresher product but you also support a great cause by recycling your jars at Frequent Vibrationz!

Our latest action on this issue has been to source child safe lids for our jars, which we have recently located a great supplier. These child-safe lids allows us to get rid of the OLCC required Exit-Bag which was previously required since our jars lids were not child-safe. Now that we have our new lids, you can expect to see upcoming product not requiring to be placed in a plastic non-recyclable bag that generally get thrown away and fill our landfills.