March 1, 2017

About Us

We believe that high quality cannabis should be affordable, that is why we have quality cannabis products at the best prices in town!

Nominated for “Oregon’s Best New Cannabis Shop” in the Dope Industry Awards -Dope Magazine

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We are proud to be Eugenes first 100% recreational cannabis shop with an open concept; meaning no lobby, no waiting, simply show your ID and come on in!

Our customer experience is like no other, come see what makes us so different from every other shop in town!

Come by and Find Your Vibe!



 Frequent Vibrationz believes that quality cannabis products should be affordable, and that the customer experience is the number 1 most important priority. Every product carried on our shelf is hand picked and tested by our team to ensure that every single item on our shelf will be a great pick by our customer. This allows us to focus less on finding a good quality product for our customer (since it’s all good) and allows us to focus more on guiding our customer towards the product that is right for them. Because of this philosophy, our Budtenders are called Vibe Guides. Our Vibe Guides mission is to ask questions and find out exactly what the consumer is looking for, then use that information to offer a wide variety of products that can meet their needs.

 Featured in Stoner Magazine in the January 2017 Dispensary Spotlight edition as well as in Marijuana Venture Magazine for their “Oregon as an emerging market” feature, Frequent Vibrationz has gained its foothold in Eugene, being known for their great prices, awesome product, and world class customer service. In February of 2017, Frequent Vibrationz was nominated for “Best New Cannabis Store In Oregon” in the Dope Industry Awards by Dope Magazine.

Frequent Vibrationz is dedicated to continuing the expansion of our product selection, searching for the best product at the best price for our customers, and offering the best experience in the retail cannabis industry.

Our Mission

Frequent Vibrationz™ is Eugene, Oregon’s first 100% recreational cannabis retail location that sells cannabis, cannabis concentrates and cannabis infused products for recreational use by adults 21 years of age or older. After checking your ID at the door, you are free to enter our store and browse our products, allowing you to purchase as quickly or as slowly as you would like. No more feeling like you are holding up any line, and no more waiting when you are in a hurry. All of our product is the highest quality available at the best price, hand picked by the highly knowledgeable owners to ensure that any choice made by the customer is a great choice. Our Budtenders “Vibe Guides” are highly trained specialists on our cannabis products as well as lead the industry with legendary customer service. Frequent Vibrationz™ plans to remain an active vendor within the community to make the city of Eugene a better place.

Our Vision

“We strive to earn the loyalty of every guest that enters our doors by providing them with the highest quality products available on the market, highly knowledgeable and friendly staff to assist in the buying process, fair competitive prices and continued growth of our product line guaranteed to keep up with the rapidly changing and evolving industry. We aim to provide the best vibez with every visit”